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Children's Dental Services in Toronto

The team at Riverdale Dental can help ensure a streamlined path to good oral health starts early in childhood. We offer various dental services for children, including cavity control, space maintainers, sports guards and more.

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We provide various dental services, including oral hygiene (cleaning), fluoride, and dental re-mineralizing treatments. Get in touch to book your appointment today! Request Appointment

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Children's Dental Services, Toronto Dentist

We try to create a positive, fun experience

At Riverdale Dental, we believe it is important for your children to have a positive experience at the dentist. It is our goal to ensure that every dental visit is a helpful experience for your child.

We offer a range of dental services for children, including oral hygiene (cleaning), as well as fluoride and dental re-mineralizing treatments.

When should my child start going to the dentist?

Great dental habits should begin in childhood. Ideally, your children should visit our practice for their first dental check-up by the time they are three years old, or earlier if you have any concerns about your child's dental health.

What to expect at your child's first visit

We will try and take special care when introducing children to the dentist’s chair.

We understand how important it is for them to feel comfortable and at ease.

When your child is ready – we will proceed with their appointment. If they’re feeling anxious or scared – we’ll try and reschedule for another time.

During their appointment, our dental hygienists will help educate you and your child on the best practices for oral health at home.

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