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General Dental Services in Toronto

At Riverdale Dental, our Toronto dentists offer a variety of general dentistry services to help you improve or maintain your oral health!

Hygiene & Prevention

Regular dental cleanings with our team of dental professionals at Riverdale Dental in Toronto, in combination with your at-home oral care, are important in the maintenance of your oral health.
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Dental Crowns

At Riverdale Dental in Toronto, our dentists and dental team may recommend a dental crown to help strengthen a weak tooth. » Learn More

Dental Fillings

If you are a patient suffering from a decayed, cracked or damaged tooth, our Riverdale, Toronto dentists at Riverdale Dental may recommend you get a dental filling. » Learn More

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a dental restoration designed to replace one or more missing teeth. » Learn More

Full & Partial Dentures

We provide full and partial dentures for patients that are missing teeth and would like to improve the form and function of the mouth. » Learn More

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