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Now welcoming patients with Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) coverage!

Dental Technology

At Belmont Dental in Toronto, we offer a comprehensive range of dental technologies to help us provide our patients with a customized, and comfortable  dental care plan. 

  • Digital Radiography

    At Riverdale Dental in Toronto, we provide digital radiography (x-ray) services for patients.  Digital Imaging We offer our patients digital radiography! Digital radiography can present several benefits, including the improved speed at which we are able to view images and the ability to reference your x-rays in real-time at any point during your visit. This means that the images can b...
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  • Intraoral Cameras

    At Riverdale Dental in Toronto, we provide intraoral cameras to help our team determine the best possible dental care plan for you. Intraoral Camera An intraoral camera is a tiny, high-resolution device that should fit comfortably inside a patient's mouth, providing an otherwise impossible level of access and detail in even the hardest-to-reach places. The accurate images are enlarged s...
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  • Periowave Diode Laser

    At Riverdale Dental in Toronto, we use the Periowave Diode Laser, a normally safe tool which helps our staff identify the signs of tooth decay earlier. Periowave Diode Laser A Periowave Diode Laser works by shining a light onto the teeth through an optical fibre, distinguishing healthy teeth from unhealthy ones by the fluorescence level displayed on the reading. That means we may be able t...
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  • VELscope

    At Riverdale Dental in Toronto, we use VELscope technology in the early detection of pre-cancer, cancer, or other disease processes.  VELscope VELscope uses tissue fluorescence to reveal cellular, structural, and/or metabolic activity changes that are often directly related to disease processes occurring inside the tissue. This may assist in the early discovery of pre-cancer, cancer and o...
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