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Dr. Firouzeh Zolfagharirad

Dr. Firouzeh Zolfagharirad is a dentist at Riverdale Dental

Dentist Dr. Firouzeh Zolfagharirad,Toronto

Dr. Firouzeh Zolfagharirad has been practicing as a general dentist for more than 25 years and has been with Riverdale Dental since early 2019. She is experienced in all aspects of general dentistry (restorative, root canal, crown, and bridge, children dentistry, implant crown dentistry, and extraction) and has always tried to educate her patients about their treatment plans and their options while making them stress free and confident about their treatment. Dr. Firouzeh always tries to update her knowledge by attending various courses and seminars to be able to provide her patients with the latest treatment offerings.

In her leisure time, Dr. Firouzeh enjoys cycling, hiking, and hanging out with her friends and family, and also attending charity events.

Spoken Languages: English, Persian

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